• Sick Leave Donations

    Company Information

    Per policy, accrued sick leave may be voluntarily donated to another employee in the District providing all of the following conditions are met:

    • Classified may only donate to classified
    • Certified may only donate to certified
    • The recipient, or an immediate family member that the employee must care for, has a non-job related, serious illness or injury and is on an unpaid leave of absence
    • The recipient of the donated leave has exhausted all available paid leave time (sick, vacation, personal, etc.)
    • The donor employees must have eleven (11) or more days of sick leave accumulated
    • Only one (1) day of sick leave may be donated per pay period

    For an employee to be eligible for donated sick leave, the employee must complete and have notarized the Sick Leave Transfer Request and provide medical substantiation. The recipient must have a non-job related, seriously incapacitating, and extended illness or injury, or a member of the recipient’s immediate family has a seriously incapacitating and extended illness or injury that requires the presence of the recipient. The employee must have exhausted all personal existing sick leave, supplemental sick leave, personal leave, and vacation leave. Please refer to policy G-7350.1 or G-3100.1 for additional information. If you wish to donate days to someone, complete the Intent to Donate Formand send to Payroll. Below is a list of employees requesting donated sick leave. All donations are anonymous.


    Employees currently eligible for donations:

    Gina Goldberg, Holaway - Certified


    Cameron Figueroa, Mesa Verde - Classified



    To request donated sick leave, Sick Leave Transfer Request – complete and send notarized original to Cori Folk, in Benefits.

    To donate sick leave to another employee, Intent to Donate – complete and send to Payroll.