• Terms of Office

    Each member of the Governing Board is elected to serve a 4-year term.  Every two (2) years either two or three positions are filled during the November general election.  Board candidates must have resided within the District boundaries for one (1) year prior to being elected to office.  Arizona law does not limit the number of terms a member may serve.

    At an organizational meeting in January, the Board elects two Board Members to serve as President and Vice President.  If a vacancy on the Board arises, the Pima County School Superintendent may appoint a replacement, call for a special board election, or authorize the position to be filled through the election process in a general election year.

    Board Members are uncompensated elected officials who work long hours for their community and our students.


    Current Board Members and Their Terms of Office


    SUSAN ZIBRAT, President - Term expires 12/31/2022

    DEANNA M. DAY, M.Ed., Vice President - Term expires 12/31/2024

    VICKI COX GOLDER, - Term expires 12/31/2024

    SCOTT K. BAKER, Ph.D. - Term expires 12/31/2024

    MATTHEW A. KOPEC - Term expires 12/31/2022