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  • Terms of Office

    Each member of the Governing Board is elected to serve a 4-year term.  Every 2 years either two or three positions are filled during the November general election.  Board candidates must have resided within the District boundaries for 1 year prior to being elected to office.  Arizona law does not limit the number of terms a member may serve.

    At an organizational meeting in January, the Board elects two Board Members to serve as President and Vice President.  If a vacancy on the Board arises, the Pima County School Superintendent may appoint a replacement, call for a special board election, or authorize the position to be filled through the election process in a general election year.

    Board Members are uncompensated elected officials who work long hours for their community and our students.


    Current Board Members and Their Terms of Office


    JO GRANT - Term expires 12/31/2018

    DEANNA M. DAY, M.Ed. - Term expires 12/31/2020

    SCOTT A. LESKA - Term expires 12/31/2018

    VICKI COX GOLDER - Term expires 12/31/2020

    SCOTT K. BAKER, Ph.D. - Term expires 12/31/2020