• Ms. Deanna Day has made a difference in the lives of students and teachers throughout Arizona, especially in the Amphitheater School District. Ms. Day is a product of an Amphitheater education - starting at Prince and Wetmore Elementary, then attending Amphi Middle, and finally graduating as an Amphi Panther.

    Armed with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from the University of Arizona, Ms. Day began her career teaching History and Mathematics in Australia. Her 15 years as a classroom teacher included several years teaching Reading and Language Arts in the Amphi District.  After receiving her Master of Education Degree in Reading, she mentored teachers and worked with students as a District Reading Specialist. 

    That work eventually led to a 10-year stint managing the Pay for Performance/Career Ladder office.  In that role, Ms. Day spent countless hours in Phoenix as a lobbyist for the District, advocating for funding/support of student outcomes and a fair compensation plan to reward additional efforts by teachers. 

    Meanwhile, Ms. Day began teaching for the University of Phoenix and Northern Arizona State University, focusing on Master's-level classes for teachers.  Her former university students live and work throughout Arizona, spreading her influence outside the boundaries of the District.  She has coached Odyssey of the Mind, allowing her to network with students, parents, teachers, and administrators in other districts. She has been the AZ State Director of Odyssey of the Mind for 20 years.

    Ms. Day's involvement with the District did not stop as a former student or employee. Her three sons also grew up in Amphitheater Schools (Donaldson Elementary, Cross Middle, and Canyon del Oro High School), which furthered her commitment to excellence in our District.  She navigated the waters like all parents do...sometimes as a cheerleader, sometimes as a coach, other times as an advocate for a child's needs.  Her family's involvement continues now that her grandchildren are Ironwood Ridge High Schools graduates.

    Ms. Day's commitment to the District has been unwavering over the years.  Running a close second is her love of tennis, reading, and traveling - all of which she enjoys more than ever as an Amphitheater School District retiree.

    Ms. Deanna M. Day, M.Ed.
    Governing Board Vice President
    Amphitheater Public Schools Governing Board
    701 W. Wetmore Road
    Tucson, AZ 85705

    (520) 696-5158


Deanna M. Day
  • Deanna M. Day, M.Ed.

    Vice President

    Amphitheater Public Schools Governing Board