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    Johnson-O'Malley (JOM)
    Indian Education Committee (IEC)

    Chairperson:  Vacant until next election (Fall 2022)
    Vice-Chairperson:  Prosper Waukon
    Secretary/Treasurer:  Christine Nelson
    Member:  Victoria Tom-Arviso
    Member: Ronn Arviso
    Alternate:  Christina Mena


    The Native American Education Johnson O'Malley Program has a three (3) member parent committee that offers guidance and support of the NAEP Program. The committee consists of parents, grandparents, and/or legal guardians of eligible Native American students enrolled within the Amphitheater Public Schools.  Committee members are elected and serve staggered terms of office.

    The goal of the Amphitheater JOM Indian Education Committee (IEC) is to support the Native American Education Program which meet the unique educational and culturally related academic needs of the Native American/Alaska Native students in the areas of reading, math, writing, and attendance.

    Const & Bylaws

    JOM Constitution & Bylaws

    According to the JOM IEC Constitution and By-Laws the powers and duties of the Parent Committee include:

      • Recommend curriculum, including texts, materials and teaching methods to be used in the contract programs
      • Approve budget preparation and execution
      • Recommend criteria for employment in the program
      • Nominate up to three qualified prospective staff members from which School District would select for interview and review for hire
      • Evaluate job positions and program results and make recommendations to the School District Administration
      • Secure and have available a copy of the sub-contract application on file
      • Recommend cancellation or suspension of approved program if the Amphitheater Public School District fails to permit committee to exercise powers and duties
      • The organizational papers and by-laws of the NAEP Parent Committee may include additional powers and duties