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    Tradition Meets New Knowledge (PDF)
    As a land grant institution, the University of Arizona recognizes tribal sovereignty and honors the indigenous homelands of the Tohono O’odham people in which it resides. The UA respects and values the identities and histories of American Indian/Alaska Native peoples, which is integrated in many of the University programs and services. The UA is committed to improving recruitment and retention, teaching methods and curriculum, and research and outreach in order to enhance our relationships with tribal nations. We strive to provide a positive academic and cultural college experience for all American Indian/Alaska Native students. The personal stories and cultural wealth you bring to this University enhances our efforts to be an inclusive campus. You and the UA are a perfect match! So what are you waiting for? Become a Wildcat for life and we guarantee that your UA experience will not only be rewarding, but will make you an outstanding role model for your community.
      -- Tradition Meets New Knowledge brochure

    Services provided for Native American students

    Native American Student Affairs Office

    The NAEP collaborates with the NASA office on many events scheduled throughout the year; they have been and continue to be very supportive of our NAEP. 

    NASA provides culturally sensitive academic counseling and support services to American Indian/Alaskan Native students through the many student activities and events on the UA campus. They develop leadership programs to help the students learn the skills and knowledge needed to make an impact in tribal communities. For more information, contact Rachelle SimpsonNASA Interim Director, (520) 621-3835 or by email at raesim@email.arizona.edu.

    • NASA Scholarship

      The University of Arizona, Native American Student Affairs (NASA) office administers a limited number of scholarships for American Indian/Alaska Native students attending the UA on a full time basis.

    AIS 197: Native American Student Success

    This is a 1-unit class designed to help the First-Year Scholar Program participants build a foundation for success in their academic work by providing a structured location that meets on a weekly basis so that students can learn academic success strategies through workshops, presentations, and self-reflection.  For more information, contact Derwin Begay, Co-Instructor, (520) 626-3500 or by email at dbegay1@email.arizona.edu.

    American Indian Language Development Institute

    In 1990, the American Indian Language Development Institute, found a permanent home at the University of Arizona. The mission is to provide critical training to strengthen efforts to revitalize and promote the use of Indigenous languages across generations. With support, AILDI has been able to offer a sustained Indigenous language education experience to hundreds of students, community members,educators, scholars, researchers and language advocates.

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