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    Title VI Native American Education
    Indian Parent Committee Members (IPC)

    Co-Chairperson:  VACANT
    Co-Chairperson:  VACANT
    Secretary/Treasurer:  Christine Nelson
    Alternate:  Christina Mena 

    Teacher Representative: Shawn Smith

    Student Representative(s):

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    The Native American Education Title VI Program has a five (5) member parent committee that offers guidance and support of the NAEP Program.  The committee consists of parents/guardians of Native American students who either attend Amphitheater School District, or who are entitled to services through the Amphitheater School District, at least one (1) teacher or counselor employed by the Amphitheater School District, and at least one (1) Native American secondary level student within the Amphitheater Public School District.

    The goal of the Amphitheater Native American Education Parent Committee (NAEPC) is to support the Native American Education Program which meet the unique educational and culturally related academic needs of the Native American/Alaska Native students in the areas of reading, math, writing, and attendance.


    Title VI Constitution & Bylaws - DRAFT

    According to the Amphitheater Title VI Indian Parent Committee Bylaws the powers of the IPC include:

    • Fostering a positive and collaborative relationship to help facilitate academic success for Native students by:
      • Meeting with the Native American Education Program regularly (monthly, if not more frequently) to gather information to provide support and advice to the Amphitheater Unified School District (AUSD) to assist them in understanding and meeting the academic, cultural, and wellness needs of Native American students.
      • Reviewing the student, parent, and teacher needs assessment survey or questionnaire(s) and Indian pupil assessment results (specifically, hard data concerning student performance or achievement), and provide AUSD with any potential recommendations for improved programming and implementation.

    The duties of the IPC include the following:

    1. Recommend to AUSD a general plan for the allocation of Title VI Native American student-generated funding.
    2. Recommend Title VI EASIE Application Part II Applications and budgets to be forwarded by the Native American Education Program to the AUSD Superintendent and Board of Education for review and certification.
    3. Assist AUSD in recruitment of personnel through culturally sensitive recruiting strategies, selection criteria, the application of required Indian hiring preference and suggest suitable prospective native personnel to meet the needs of Native American students.
    4. Participate in at least one annual Public Hearing organized and hosted by AUSD.
    5. Recommend to AUSD curricula, texts, materials, and methods to be used to better serve the educational needs of Native American students.
    6. Provide AUSD with information gathered from Native American students and families that target unmet educational needs.
    7. Have access, in accordance with AUSD confidentiality policies for all reports, evaluations, surveys and other program and budget-related documents necessary for review, in order to carry out the committee’s responsibilities.
    8. IPC members shall not act or speak on behalf of the entire IPC as an individual; members should only represent their own viewpoint. All IPC members must have prior formal authorization by action (motion recorded in the minutes) to represent or speak on behalf of the IPC.
    9. The IPC shall exercise its authority only during official IPC meetings
    10. IPC members are expected to attend all meetings in entirety in order to establish a quorum, fully participate in the discussion and to cause a vote.
    11. IPC members shall receive training to gain knowledge and skills of their specific roles and responsibilities.
    12. The IPC shall have no powers beyond those expressly set forth herein.
    13. The IPC shall have no power to bind any member of the AUSD to any debt, liability, or obligation in the absence of an express written authorization form AUSD,
    14. In addition, the IPC shall abide by all AUSD official Board Policies and Administrative Procedural Directives, or similar.

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