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    Title VI Native American Education
    Parent Advisory Committee Members (PAC)
    Phone:  (520) 696-4088

    Co-Chairperson:  Cindie Nahsonhoya 
    Co-Chairperson:  Prosper Waukon
    Secretary/Treasurer:  Christine Nelson
    Alternate:  Christina Mena 

    Teacher Representative: Shawn Smith

    Student Representative(s):
    Hannah Waukon-Wolf

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    The Native American Education Title VI Program has a five (5) member parent committee that offers guidance and support of the NAEP Program.  The committee consists of parents/guardians of Native American students who either attend Amphitheater School District, or who are entitled to services through the Amphitheater School District, at least one (1) teacher or counselor employed by the Amphitheater School District, and at least one (1) Native American secondary level student within the Amphitheater Public School District.

    The goal of the Amphitheater Native American Education Parent Committee (NAEPC) is to support the Native American Education Program which meet the unique educational and culturally related academic needs of the Native American/Alaska Native students in the areas of reading, math, writing, and attendance.

    Title VI Constitution & Bylaws

    According to the NAEPC Constitution and By-Laws the powers and duties of the Parent Committee include:

      • To inform and advise the District School Board and Superintendent and/or their representatives on matters pertaining to the Native American Education Program as the Committee deems appropriate and/or necessary.
      • To promote the best education interest of Native American students in the Amphitheater Unified School District.
      • To assist in educating teachers and other school staff on the educational and culturally related needs of the Native American students.
      • To advise and/or consult with the Native American Education Program regarding the needs of the Program and/or Native American students in the District schools.
      • To approve the annual Title VI, Indian Education Grant, by the closing date of Part I and Part II each fiscal year.

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