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    In Loving Memory

    Anna Mae Chana
    1940 – 2013

    Amphitheater Native American
    Education Coordinator
    1980 – 2003

    It is a great honor to remember and share of Anna Mae (Coochwikvia) Chana with the Amphitheater Native American community. A member of the Hopi tribe, Anna was born on March 10, 1940. She attended and graduated from Phoenix High School in 1959. After graduation, Anna went to school for nursing, earning her LPN degree from the Albuquerque Nursing School. She then served as a nurse at the Phoenix Indian Hospital for several years before moving to Tucson.

    After nursing, she found herself helping the Native community through education. On December 1, 1980 Anna began working with the Amphitheater Public School District, serving the Native American Education Program as the Coordinator. Anna gave cultural presentations to students within the Amphitheater Public Schools, the Deaf and Blind School, and the Native American community. In February 2001, Anna was invited to the University of Arizona to participate in a panel discussion on the role of culture and tradition in her life. She also gave a brief demonstration, dressing up an audience member in the full traditional Hopi attire women wear when performing ceremonial dances. "When I pass on, that's what I'm going to wear," Chana said about the outfit. "I've told my children this is what I'm wearing. I don't need anything else." After 23 years of service, she retired on June 30, 2003.

    Anna passed onto her spiritual journey on December 3, 2013 at her home.

    Since 2014, the Amphitheater Native American Education Program has accepted nominations for the annual Anna Chana Memorial Student Award. Anna demonstrated a number of personal characteristics throughout her life including being a positive role model, strong leadership skills, and a hard-worker. The role of culture and tradition in her life was very important to her by knowing her tribal language and having a commitment to the Native American community. Nominations are accepted every year from the high school administrators, counselors, or teachers in selecting outstanding Native students that have demonstrated exceptional characteristics. The NAEP commends each student recipient for their hard work and efforts portrayed and for being a positive role model for other Native students.

    The Amphitheater NAEP extends our sincere appreciation to the family of Anna Chana for allowing our program to provide the prestigious Anna Chana Memorial Student Award to outstanding Native students every year. Her legacy continues through the intrepid influence she had in our community and is greatly missed. 

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    Anna Chana Memorial Student Award Recipients


    Kathlyn Caldwell
    Ashley Goldtooth
    Jeremy Harvey

    Sara Johanntoberns
    Amanda Larmore
    Alexander Martinez

    Emma Calabrese
    Taylor John
    Bailey Thompson
    Honorable Mention Certificates:
    Sara Johanntoberns
    Haley Smith

    DJ Fallstrom
    Cody Kimmel

    Darrell Joe
    Melody Miguel
    Darnell Moore

    Joyclyn Clyde
    Joseph Zamora
    Callyn Butler
    Eliseo Flores

    Nathaniel Allen
    Naataanii Gorman-Prow
    James Johanntoberns
    Joseph Renkert

    Due to COVID-19 and lack of student academic data, the student awards were not given.