• About the Native American Education Program

    The Amphitheater Public School’s Native American Education Program (NAEP) is comprised of three funding sources including Title ITitle VI, and Johnson O’Malley.  There are 416 students that identify as American Indian who are enrolled in the Amphitheater Public School District. 

    It is the intent of the NAEP office to supplement existing programs and resources available in Amphitheater Public Schools and the community. These programs and resources may include academic support, teacher support and educational support items.

    The NAEP office is operated with assistance from the JOM and Title VI parent committees, composed of parents/guardians of enrolled Native American students, a teacher representative and student representative(s). They advise the NAEP Coordinator in the vision, direction and implementation of the Native American Education Program.

    The NAEP staff work directly with Native American students and their families, as well as the educators and administrators in the Amphitheater district to promote a positive academic environment. The staff is also available  to offer cultural presentations to students and faculty.

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    Amphitheater District Databook

    The District Databook is compiled annually and provides useful information about our schools, including:

    • Student Enrollment (historical trend, ethnic distribution, special education services, gifted and talented program, free or reduced lunch program, English language services, Career/Technical Education program)
    • Student Performance (AzM2, AZELLA, MAP, SAT, ACT, AP)
    • School Performance (Arizona School Report Cards profiles, graduation rates, drop out rates, mobility rates)

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