• Title VI Student Eligibility Certification (ED506 Form)

    Does your student have a Title VI Student Eligibility Certification (506) Form on file?

    Our office receives federal funding to meet the needs of Native American students in Amphitheater School District.  Program funding is based on the number of enrolled Native American students in the district.  In order for students to be counted and have access to Title VI services, parents must complete the Title VI Eligibility (506) form and return it to their child's school or to our office located at 701 W. Wetmore Road.  For guidance on completing the form, please click this SAMPLE 506 FORM.

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  • Johnson O'Malley Student Eligibility Certification

    Does your student have a Johnson O'Malley (JOM) Student Eligibility form on file?

    Our office also receives federal funding for the Johnson O'Malley (JOM) program.  The JOM program is a federally-funded educational program that allows for student, parent, and community involvement in meeting their educational needs which are both academic and cultural based.  In order to qualify for student services through this program, students must be aged 3 years through Grade 12 -AND- 1/4 or more degree Indian blood of a Federally-recognized tribe.  Parents must complete the Indian Student Enrollment/Certification of Eligibility form and return to their child's school or to our office located at 701 W. Wetmore Road.

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  • Student Referral Form

    **** The above Student Referral Form is a Word Doc, fillable format. ****


    As a Parent / Grandparent / Legal Guardian, you may also complete a Student Referral Form at any time your child is in need of the NAEP services. Parents are their child's first teacher. Parents often are the first to notice when their child is having difficulties at school. Our office provides individual tutoring, counseling, mentoring, and can act as an advocate on your child's behalf. As a parent, you can request these services from our office. Complete the referral form and return it to your child's school office or to our office located at 701 W. Wetmore Road. The form may also be submitted by email to Kimberly Daingkau-Begay or by fax to 520-696-5053.


    Teachers have daily contact with children and notice changes in student performance and behavior at school. If you would like to refer a student to our office, please complete the following referral form and send it to our office via district mail or fax to 696-5053.

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  • Native Pride After-school Program NAEP Permission Form

    The Amphitheater Native American Education Program office collaborates with the Tucson Indian Center to provide the Native Pride Afterschool Program. In addition to cultural activities, the NAEP staff will provide tutoring to students who need individual help with homework. Native Pride will be held on early release Tuesday afternoons at the Amphitheater Middle School. Transportation will be provided to and from the program. NAEP staff will pick up students at their school on Tuesday afternoons and after the Native Pride program is over, we will use district vans to take your child directly home.

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  • Native Pride After-school Program TIC Registration Packet

    The Native Pride program is a collaboration between the NAEP and the Tucson Indian Center that provides students with hands-on lessons and activities. Native youth will have the opportunity to learn about diabetes prevention, health eating, physical activity, cultural pride, self-esteem, suicide prevention, anti-bullying education, create artwork, learn leadership skills, and impact their communities.  

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