• About the NAEP Logo

    NAEP Logo The Amphitheater Native American Education Program's logo was created by Andy Anderson, an enrolled member of the Creek Nation in Oklahoma. 

    The ceremonial fire on the design signifies the traditional and cultural teachings given at home, where education begins for Native families. From this fire, smoke arises, signifying the achievements students will make throughout their educational endeavors. Eventually, students will become as eagles, filled with wisdom and courage to go out into the world and utilize their education for the grand opportunities that await them.

    Native Blue


    About the Artist

    A. Anderson The NAEP logo was created by Andy Anderson (Muskogee Creek) from Oklahoma. Andy attended the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico to further his artistic abilities. His interest has always been in all forms of art, including mediums such as drawing, architecture, music, poetry and theatre.

    Andy loves the extension it gives to one’s expressions. In his words, "Even the quietest person can make the biggest impression when they tap into those emotions that have been built up from within. We will all have times when we are so overjoyed or feeling depressed and words just can’t explain what we wish to say. It is then that we play our best piece of music, write our most heartfelt poem or paint that perfect sunset that takes you away from everything for a moment."

    "It is in those moments when you relate to so many people in many different ways. Some will find comfort in your work, while others may find encouragement. You may never know that you’ve touched a life in some way, but to release those emotions and to be able to live with every part of your being is truly a blessing. I would encourage everyone to pick up an instrument, a pencil, a paintbrush, a script and express themselves. There is only one ‘YOU’, and your perspective will be unique."

    The NAEP is greatly appreciative of Andy’s generous contribution to our Amphi Native students, parents, and community.  Sa:po.  Mvto.  Liohbwana.  Ahéhee'.  A:ho.  Hawwih.  Turahe.  Thank You.

    Native Blue