Hello everyone! I hope you are all ready for a wonderful history-making year! :)  We are going to be immersed in history within a few weeks, so put on your thinking caps!  Be ready to learn, and remember you get out of the class what you put into it!! Let's have fun and always do your best! :)


        Parent and student syllabus acknowledgment form.  Please return this with your student acknowledging having read the syllabus.  The student will receive credit for returning this form, so please return it as soon as possible.  I have given this form to all students on the first day or when they enroll in class so they may have it in their backpack. :)

    What each student needs:

    • colored pencils
    • markers
    • Pen and pencils
    • highlighter
    • notebook and binder or folder for World History work.

    Here is a list of items we will be needing in the classroom. We, the students and I, would greatly appreciate any donations you can give to the classroom. :)
    1. Hand sanitizer**
    2. sanitizing wipes**
    3. Facial tissue**
    4. colored pencils
    5. Glue sticks
    6. Dry erase markers
    7. Colored markers
    ** Most important items needed. :)




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