I would like to use a news magazine for my classroom (US History and World History) but in order to do so I would need donations from parents to order them.  So, I am asking you, if you can, to give a donation to help with the cost.  I have attached a form which will give you information and you can print it out.  I will also be giving my students the form during the first week or two of school.  Thank you.

    UPFront news magazine for students: Click on the link to see an example of the magazine.     UPfront magazine

    If you would like to donate to the classroom please click on this link.                                        Donation form 



    I am sending your child home with a copy of the syllabus, but in case you don't see it, here it is.  Just click on the link above.  Please keep for your records. 

    Please print the signature page below, sign the form acknowledging that parents and students have read the syllabus, and return to Ms. Gipson by Monday , August 13th for full credit.  Everyday after that date will result in a loss of points.

     Parent and student syllabus signature form

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