Education & Career Action Plan (ECAP)

    “Effective for the graduation class of 2013, schools shall complete for every student in grades 9-12 an Arizona Education and Career Action Plan.” (R7-2-302.05) “An ECAP reflects a student’s current plan of coursework, career aspirations, and extended learning opportunities in order to develop the student’s individual academic and career goals. Ideally, the initial plan will be developed in middle school and updated on a yearly basis throughout high school and the postsecondary years.”  (Arizona Department of Education)

    Here's a short brochure that offers a summary of the state's goals for ECAP and some general information about just what it is:  Education & Career Action Plans (ECAP) Arizona’s College and Career Readiness Process

    Ironwood Ridge uses Major Clarity, the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery), College Boards's Big Future and other sites to help students build their ECAP’s.  The counselors meet with students annually to work on their ECAPs, but the student may access their accounts anytime via the internet.  The counseling lessons are used to complete specific sections of each program, depending on the student's current grade, and students are encouraged to go back to the websites and continue exploring the information available on careers and colleges. Major Clarity will also be accessed through Advisory with specific lessons planned for all students.


    Per the AZ Department of Education, the ECAP allows students (and families) to enter, track and update the following information:

       - Plan coursework to explore interests and develop skills
       - Meet all high school graduation requirements
       - Review progress on a regular basis
       - Track needed interventions, advisement and support
       - Record academic achievements or awards
       - Document postsecondary education goals
       - Participate in fine arts programs, dual credit courses, honors placements

       - Explore admissions requirements for technical schools, community colleges,

         universities, including any college readiness tests such as the ACT or SAT
       - Compare postsecondary institution offerings
       - Complete and submit the necessary applications
       - Create a financial assistance plan
       - Create a personal résumé for college and employment

     Extracurricular – Documentation of
      - Clubs, organizations or CTSO

       - Athletics/Recreational activities
       - Fine Arts opportunities
       - Civic and community services or volunteer activities
       - Leadership opportunities
       - Other activities the student might wish to note

       - Identify career options based on interests, values and skills

       - Explore career opportunities through research and out of school opportunities
       - Document a career goal and needed educational requirements
       - Participate in career and technical education courses
       - Understand the Arizona Workplace projections
       - Participate in work experiences, internships, job shadowing 

  • Each year, the Counselors go into the classrooms to work with students by grade level on their ECAP (Educational Career Action Plan).  The links to the powerpoints for each 2022 - 2023 grade level presentation will appear below after each presentation.

    Be sure to check out Major Clarity, the district's new ECAP program and Big Future, Collegeboard's college search engine, which lets you find colleges that match your requirements, find out about paying for college and create a plan to get there.  Students can log on to Major Clarity through Clever under the District Bookmarks.





    Check out this video that talks about the types of jobs available in the future: Success in the New Economy


Last Modified on April 14, 2023