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  •      Welcome to Chef Gowen's Culinary Arts program.

    Tuesday, April 9 th  2020



    I am happy to report that the changes I have made to our Google Classroom have worked!!!!!!

    I am receiving your worksheets!!!!!!!!!! 

    Thank you for your patience!! 

    Google Classroom e-mail is up and running as well.

    You can now e-mail  me with any questions you have  at : jgowen@student.amphi.com


    All The Best!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Jean Gowen



    Google Classroom codes: 

    Hour2: Culinary 3 and 4 : fbt7liy

    Hour 3: Culinary 2 : 6ndlgxc

    Hour 4; Culinary 2: 34cui5h

    Hour 5: Culinary 1: 37feseg

    Hour 6; Culinary 1: siup7gy

    Hour 7: Cilinary 1: olni5cj