• Health Services

    Optimal learning requires good health. A registered nurse certified in school nursing staffs the Ironwood Ridge Health Office. Please call or schedule an appointment if you have any concerns or questions about your students' health. 

    The school Nurse serves as the health professional for the school community and provides the following services:

    • Illness, injury assessments and interventions
    • Identification, assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation of student health concerns
    • Health assessment/participation in Individualized Education Plan
    • Screening for health factors impacting student education.
    • Activities and education to promote health and prevent teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, tobacco use and alcohol and substance abuse.
    • Chronic disease management and education
    • Assessment and interventions for students with mental and health needs.
    • Crisis Team Participation
    • School/Community/health care provider liaison


    Occasionally, the nurses' duties may require being off campus. If an emergency arises with a student during such time, the health assistant or office, administrative, and/or educational staff will handle the situation, call paramedics if necessary, and notify a parent/guardian.

  • Ironwood Ridge Health Office

    Kathy Kennedy,
    Registered Nurse
    Phone: (520) 696-3939

    Fax: (520) 696-3999

    Sheree Bragg,
    Health Assistant
    Phone: (520) 696-3937

    The Health Office is located between the counselors' office and the main office.