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    • Phone: (520) 407-4133
    • Email: amcgowan@amphi.com



    • World History
    • StuGo Advisor
    • Varsity Softball Asst. Coach



    • Marquette University -  B.S. Secondary Education
    • Marquette University -  B.S. History

     AASC State Convention 2020

  • Tournament of Champions 2020

    Teacher Biography:

    I am originally from Chicago, IL, where I was raised an avid Bears and White Sox fan. I attended Marquette University for my undergraduate degrees and am currently working on a Masters of Science in History through the University of Edinburgh. I specialize in 20th century nationalism and imperialism particularly in relation to the British Empire. Additionally, I run the IRHS Student Government and am the Varsity Softball Asst. Coach. Outside of school, I love hiking, photography, traveling, reading and voluteering. I regularly quote The Office, Doctor Who and my parents (because turns out they were right about most everything). 

    For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a teacher. I was never the best or the brightest student but I always loved learning and was lucky enough to be inspired by some wonderful teachers throughout my career. A few standouts include my grandma who was a Special Ed teacher, Mr. Kelley who was my high school AP European History teacher, and Dr. McMahon who one of my college professors. They each pushed and inspired me in different ways and I am extremely grateful for their guidance.  

    One of the most important lessons they taught me that I bring into my classroom is the fact that we all learn and process differently. While History is my strength and love, that is not the case for all of my students. I believe in an approach that supports a variety of learning styles as well as emphasizes hardwork rather than pure intelligence. Luck and talent only get people so far, but hardwork is what sets us apart and help us to be successful down the road. Education is my life's work and I am extremely passionate about the role it plays in our lives. 

    Please feel free to email me (see side bar for contact info) if you have any questions.