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    (My godmother, me, and my cousin at a University of Illinois football game. It's a family tradition!)



    • World History

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    • Varsity Softball Asst. Coach



    • Marquette University - Milwaukee - B.A. Secondary Education

    • Marquette University - Milwaukee - B.A. History


    Class Info during 2020 Closures: 




    Hope you all are doing well and staying healthy during this time!


    I will be updating my Google Classroom each day with materials covering World War I, World War II and the Cold War. Starting March 24th, 2020, new lessons will be posted by 9am and can be submitted via the Google Classroom. Beginning Monday March 30th, 2020, lessons will be graded as part of the class grade. As per normal class activities, in some cases I will give you all multiple days to complete larger assignments.


    Google Classroom Codes-

       2nd Hour: eja26t5

       3rd Hour: l3l6wpz

       4th Hour: a4rftzs

       6th Hour: hcmusoz

       7th Hour: p7i2zpg


    Feel free to email me with any questions and I hope we will get back into the classroom soon! I look forward to being back with you all and finishing out the rest of the school year. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy!



    Ms. McGowan