• Welcome to Mrs. Rouille's page!

    Hello Students,

    WELCOME to the new school year! I am super excited to be your English teacher.

    This year will be unlike any other. We are faced with many uncertainties, but what IS certain is that we are in this together.

    This is a new situation for all of us. This is a new world of learning for all of us. We are all learning how to adapt to that which is not within our control. This year will not be like any other year of school you've ever had. Ever. But, if you think about it, that's what is going to make this year pretty cool. 

    As we start this new adventure together this year, I ask that you Be Kind.

    Be kind to your teachers.

    We are all learning various platforms of technology to make this year's learning experience the best possible for you. Your teachers will probably not be perfect in the beginning, but know we are doing our best because we care about you and your education.

    Be kind to your friends and family.

    These are the people closest to you. Support them and show grace and understanding.

    Be kind to your Nighthawk classmates.

    This is a stressful time for everyone as people have their own personal obstacles and challenges. Don't be judgy. Be the best you can be by being supportive. Much can happen over five months, and even if your life didn't change significantly since March, it might have completely changed life for others. 

    And finally, Be Kind to yourself. You deserve it. Take time to breathe. Remember we are all learning and adapting, so you are not in this alone. Try not to stress if things don't go perfectly right away. Give yourself the grace you extend to others. 

    It is through kindness, positivity, and support that we will make this a successful year!

    Here's to you, Nighthawks!

    Mrs. Rouille

    Ironwood Ridge High School English Department