• IRHS Mens Soccer Booster Club

    The booster club consist of all parents from the Varsity and JVA JVB teams. There is a board but they do not plan, organize and run everything. All Parents must get involved. We are here to support the soccer program, coaches and players in any way we can. Purchasing equipment, paying for tournaments, paying for assistant coaches, gear for the players, meals and so much more. We do all we can so the coaches can focus on coaching our boys.

    Here is our booster club board.

    Angie Dylla                         President                dyllairhsscoccer@gmail.com

    Rosemary hoover                Vice President

    Frances Pitts                       General Manager

    Clint Parry                          Fundraising

    Tori McCoy                         Secretary

    Rosemarie Howard              Treasurer

    Cisco Ballesteros                 Varsity Rep

    Lisa Reinhold                      JVA Rep

    Janitzy Spencer                  JVB Rep

    We have two open spots for next year Fundraising and Secretary they are parent of seniors and will be graduating out this year.