• PimaJTED Foundation Student Scholarships

    The online applications for student scholarships are LIVE.  They are due on APRIL 15, 2022.  Applications Link: https://www.pimajted.foundation/student-application-2/

    Moving Students to Careers and College?

    The Pima County JTED is a public high school district that offers premier, tuition-free Career and Technical Education programs to sophomore, junior and senior level students. JTED serves students from public, private, and charter schools, students who are home-schooled, as well as students who either have, or who are in the process of earning a GED. Students may attend JTED classes at one of the Central Campuses, located throughout Pima County, or at one of the satellite locations which are located at public high schools in Pima County, Santa Cruz Valley, and in Mammoth San Manuel.

    IRHS students interested in off-site JTED courses should see Mrs. Johnson, the IRHS JTED Counselor, for registration information.  These courses are free to IRHS students and credits earned will be noted on the IRHS transcript. Please visit http://pimajted.org/programs/ to learn about the different JTED Programs offered, or watch this video that JTED made to explain their programs. Learn more about the JTED Central Campus Programs.

    Why CTE?

    The case is this: in order for students to succeed, we need to prepare them for the ever-changing world of work, which means not only college readiness, but career readiness—students with access to postsecondary education and skills attainment possibilities that will prepare them to achieve in the 21st century.

    CTE offers a unique opportunity to engage students in a variety of subjects, incorporating academic, creative and technical skills, with the specific goal, nowhere else represented in education, of preparing students for all of life that comes after high school.

    CTE needs to be an integral part of every student’s education so that all students graduate from high school globally competitive for work, prepared for postsecondary education, and ready for life as positive, contributing members of society in the 21st century. With CTE, students succeed.

    IRHS offers many Career and Technical Education programs.  Please see the Course Catalog, starting on page 15, for specific information regarding the different CTE programs offered at IRHS.  Our TV/Video Production class created this video to highlight our programs as well.  The district has also created a course catalog specific for the CTE Programs; you can find that HERE.

    The AZ Department of Education Career and Technical Information website also offers general information, assessments and many other resources.

    The Arizona Career and Educational Guide is available through the AZ Department of Ed. and offers a step by step guide to knowing yourself and the world of work, as well as information to help you make career decisions and reach your goals.

Last Modified on March 29, 2022