• Vocational and Technical Schools (AZ)

    Some students are looking for training that leads to a specific career and there are a variety of vocational and technical schools in the state to help students get the training they need.  AZCIS (Arizona Career Information System) has a comprehensive list of schools in Arizona.  Please check out their website by following the steps below for more information about these schools.

    1 - Open the AZCIS website.  https://azcis.intocareers.org

    2 - Log into your account if you have one, create an account or use the Just Browsing tab.
          - If you are an IRHS student:

    • Your user name should be your Student ID number or it might be your Student ID number with your initials and your two digit year of graduation.
    • Your password could be one of two things:
      • your first name, capitalized, with your graduation year and an exclamation mark (!).  No spaces in either of them. 
      • for the class of 2020 or beyond, it should be your first name, capitalized, with your graduation year.

    3 - Hover over the Education tab near the top of the page.

    4 - Click on the link for Arizona Schools

    5 - Open the link for Technical and Trade Schools and find the ones that meet your needs!

     (Our apologies for not linking directly to the page, but it times out.)

  • Not College Bound? Why a Skilled Trade or Apprenticeship could be a Perfect Fit - information on the skills gap and opportunities beyond the traditional college experience

    Success in the New Economy - a video about the importance of post-secondary training that isn't necessarily college

    Apprenticeships are hands-on programs geared toward training students in skilled jobs that are often in high demand.  The Arizona Department of Economic Security has a page dedicated to connecting students with these programs so be sure to check it out! 

    From the site's FAQ: 

    What is the difference between Registered Apprenticeship and other types of training?

    • The Registered Apprenticeship system of training is unique in that it is the only formal, structured, and nationally recognized education and training program available that combines the two most common forms of career and occupational learning: classroom instruction with on-the-job training.

      Apprentices not only learn occupational skills in the classroom,their learning is expanded to include hands-on, paid, on-the-job training!Students learn and practice all phases of thetrade/occupation in real-world applications. The program must be registered with the Arizona Apprenticeship Office.
Last Modified on January 22, 2019