• Public 4 Year Colleges (AZ)

    Arizona has three public state universities and they are very different in locale, size and culture.  While they offer many of the same degree programs, each one is different, so do some exploring to find your best fit!

    Arizona State University

    Northern Arizona University

    University of Arizona

    Please note that while the U of A and ASU are on the Common Application, if you are only applying to one of them it is less expensive to use the individual school's website.

    Test scores: Beginning with Fall 2016 applications, ACT and SAT scores are no longer required for consideration for general admission.  Scores are still required for consideration of financial/merit aid and Honors Colleges, as well as some specific colleges within the universities.  Please check the individual university websites to make sure you know which ones require test scores.  All test scores need to come directly from either the College Board or ACT in order to be used for merit aid and Honors College consideration.

    News and Information from our three state schools:

    University of Arizona

    Students who have been admitted to the University of Arizona will sometimes need to complete supplemental applications in addition to their admissions application. If students have questions, they can contact the offices below directly or contact their recruiter for contact information.

    W.A. Franke Honors College

    College of Fine Arts

    SALT Center

    • Where to Apply: Submit your SALT application via their website.
    • Application Notes: The Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques (SALT) Center is a nationally renowned program built for students with learning and attention differences to build successful strategies for success in college. The fee-based program requires documentation and an additional application. More information on the SALT Center application can be found here.
    • Deadlines: If interested, students should apply early, as the waitlist often fills, as early as April 1.

    Connect with UA online!

    Northern Arizona University 

    Please check NAU's Admissions Website for the most up-to-date information on requirements.

    Check out the link below for information on the new requirements for the Lumberjack Scholarship:

    NAU offers daily campus tours, special programs and events, and their virtual tour is the next best thing to being there in person. Learn more at nau.edu/visit.

    NAU's application is now open and students are asked to self-report their 14 core courses in the application.

    • Students are automatically considered for one of our Freshman Merit-Based Scholarships when they apply to NAU. Awarding typically occurs three to four weeks after an offer of admission. Note: requirements have changed from previous years.
    • Once students are admitted and ready to accept their offer, they can view and begin completing their Next Steps to Enrollment.
    • Once admitted, students can apply for the Honors College. There is an Honors College scholarship priority deadline of Nov. 15.
    • Campus visits are the best way for students to get a feel for NAU. Students can attend daily campus presentations, check out our virtual tours, or register for a full-day special visit event.

    Beginning fall 2023, NAU is guaranteeing access to higher education for every Arizona resident. Through Access2Excellence initiative, this means students who have a verified household income of $65,000 or below will have their tuition covered entirely by a combination of scholarships and grant aid.

    Arizona State University


    Apply to ASU

    Next steps after being admitted 

    First year students

    Register for orientation

    Visit campus

    Pay enrollment deposit

    Scholarship portal

    Visit campus

    Residential Housing Information

    Select housing

    ASU First Year Student Admission Representative 

    Becky Grijalva asubeckygrijalva@asu.edu 


    Barrett, Honors College

    Apply to Barrett, Honors College 

    Barrett scholarships

    Ironwood Ridge High School's Barrett Representative 

    DaNeil Olson - DaNeil.Olson@asu.edu 

    New automatic application waiver

    The ASU application fee waiver is now automatic for eligible students. 


    When the student reaches the end of the application, they will see the following checkboxes under Pay & Submit

    If you feel that your financial circumstances might qualify you for an application fee waiver, please select all that apply:

    • I have received or am eligible to receive an ACT or SAT testing fee waiver

    • I am enrolled in or am eligible to participate in the Federal Free or Reduced Price Lunch program

    • My annual family income falls within the eligibility guidelines set by the USDA Food and Nutrition Service

    • I am enrolled in a federal, state or local program that aids students from low-income families (e.g.TRiO programs such as Upward Bound)

    • My family receives public assistance

    • I live in federally subsidized public housing, a foster home or am homeless

    • I am a ward of the state or an orphan

    • I can provide a supporting statement from a school official, college access counselor, financial aid officer or community leader

    • I have received a NACAC fee waiver

    If they check any of these, they will see the following prompt: I certify that I understand and meet the eligibility requirements to request an admission application fee waiver. I also understand that I may be asked to submit verification of eligibility.

    Once the student has confirmed that all information is accurate, they will be prompted to sign and submit the application.

    If none of the circumstances apply to the student, they will select “None of these options apply to me.”

    They will then be prompted to pay the fee using a credit card or wire transfer, or they will have the option of deferring payment to a later date.

    Have you been admitted? Take the next steps to secure your plans.
    Pay enrollment deposit.
    Register for orientation.
    Select housing.
    Talk to an admission team member about next steps.

    Need to check the status of literally anything related to your ASU enrollment?

    Haven’t applied, but are interested in learning more about ASU?
    Visit campus
    Apply to ASU

Last Modified on September 21, 2022