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    Digital Learning Program @ Ironwood Ridge H.S.   

     All credit recovery digital learning students registered in my class will need to get into my Google Classroom.  An email will be sent to your school email: "your name"@student.amphi.com" or I will give it to you personally.

    Please go to Online Enrollment Information regarding MDLP registration information (Left-hand Navigation Link).


    Online Programs' links:   Click on the titles below.

    Mesa Digital Learning (MDLP)


    OdysseyWare Login Information   FYI: This page has three copies of the same instructions.


    Edgenuity Login Information    FYI: This page has three copies of the same instructions.


    Learning Contract :  Contract

    Learning Contract (Independent Study):  Indep. Study Contract

    Registration Directions for MDLP: MDLP Registration Directions

    Student Information Sheet:  Student Info Sheet

    Contact Information:   email: lerickson@amphi.com  

                                         Phone: 520-407-4102   (Classroom Phone)


     General Informaiton and Updates 

     Introductory Letter 2021-2022  Just click on the underlined title to the left.


    Student Contract   Just click on the Underlined title to the left.

    ________________________________________________________          Old Covid Information from 2020-2021

     All Seniors:  

    In order to graduate on time, ALL online courses must be completed by 5/15/2020.  Changed 5/8: New completion date is 5/14.


    Regarding Final Exams:

    All online courses need to be completed and have a final exam taken and passed.  

    Any IRHS news that there will not be final exams DOES NOT APPLY to online courses.


    Taking of Edgenuity Final Exams:

    Edgenuity final exams have now been approved to be taken at home. In order for this to happen, we need the following steps to occur in order.

    1. The student must email Mr. Erickson when he/she is ready for the final exam. This email must include the email of a parent or guardian who is able to supervise the exam for academic integrity.
    2. Mr. Erickson will send the parent/guardian an Integrity Acknowledgment.
    3. When Mr. Erickson receives an email confirmation and agreement, the final exam will be opened up for the student to complete and submit for grading.


    MDLP Information:

    • UPDATED NEWS on MDLP FINAL EXAMS:  If you are in an MDLP course, when you are completed with the coursework, go and try to schedule your final exam in the Lesson Checklist.  MDLP final exams have been modified with an alternative final that can be taken from home.                                                                                                    
    • Double check your end dates.  Any concerns, please email me.

     NOTE on emailing me:  Due to the fact that I do not have everyone's paperwork with me at home, please be very clear and include the following information:

    • First and last name.
    • Which program you are using: MDLP, Edgenuity or OdysseyWare
    • If it is a specific assignment, tell me its exact title and what unit you are in.
    • Always assume I do not know what you are working on.  It is nothing personal, just too many students and courses to keep track of in my wee brain.