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     Tryouts will be held in two different sections this season.  The first section will take place at El Conquistador.  Tryouts for the first part will run Monday August 7th.  Every non-returning player will take part in the first section of tryouts.  Tryouts will start at 4:30pm on this day.  The second part of tryouts will only have the players that make it through the first part of the cuts.  The second section of tryouts will take place at El Conquistador and Stone Canyon.  The second part of tryouts will run Tuesday August 8th through Wednesday August 9th.  Tryouts will start at 4:30pm on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Players will be notified of the final roster after tryouts on the last day.  The combined score from the first section and second section of tryouts will help determine the final roster.  Tryouts will be extended is need be due to weather or a tie for a spot on the team.


    All players must be cleared prior to tryouts through the athletic office.  There are no exceptions, if you are not cleared you cannot tryout for the team.  Make sure all your paperwork is in order before you sign up for a tryout date.  You can find the athletic packet at the following link:https://www.amphi.com/domain/138.  You will also need to register online at https://www.registermyathlete.com/


     Any player that will be driving themselves to and from tryouts or practice must fill out an “activity/transportation guideline” form.  This is obtained online or through the athletic office, you must fill this out and return it to Coach Bais before you drive yourself or get a ride from your parent(s) to the golf course.  If I do not have a form then each player will be required to take the school van with me.  Be aware that no other player may ride with another player or parent.  Those who need a ride to and from tryouts and practice, a van will be provided to take them each day.  The van will leave promptly at 4:15pm from the fine arts parking lot each day.


    Each player is a representative of IRHS, you will be expected to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner during tryouts and practice.  You are in the public eye and we are given the opportunity to use the nicest facilities and courses in Tucson.  This is a privilege, not a right.  Treat it as such.  Each player is expected to wear proper attire, which includes a polo shirt, tucked in, with a collar and golf shorts with a belt .  Cut offs are not allowed.  Golf shoes are strongly recommended also.


    Any new players moving in or enrolling late will be given the opportunity to tryout for the golf team.


    If you have any questions or concern please feel free to contact me via email or phone.

    My email address is rbais@amphi.com and my phone number at school is 407-4263 and home phone number is 271-2456.

    Good luck to everyone and I look forward to another successful season!

    Coach Bais



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