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Mr. Brad Boe


Welcome to my site, my name is Brad Boe, I teach Photography and Yearbook here at IRHS. 

My background is far from education, I was a news photojournalist and video production photographer for 20 years. I also worked in marketing and communications before I found my way into the classroom.

I have never found the same joy that I do when I have the opportunity to work with high school kids, they are truely something special. When I became a teacher I was eager to share my years of experience with my students, and it has been the best years of my career!

I look forward to the creative year we are about to have, there are obsticals, and it won't be easy, but like anything worth doing, it will be a challange.


The best way to contact me is email:

I check email constantly and will do my best to reply as quickly as possible.