• Class information:

    AP Human Geography syllabus: the Course and Exam description (CED) will be posted on Schoology in chunks as we go through the class.  I will print parts of the CED before each unit and topic area we study to handout to each student.  It will be beneficial to the student in knowing exactly what they should know for each unit.

    All students should have a textbook at home; you will have one to use in the classroom.  I will talk to students and parents about purchasing a book to go with the class on the first day of school

    What each student needs to bring to class:

    • Pen (blue or black) and pencil
    • colored pencils
    • notebook and folder or binder for AP Human Geography class work. You will need to keep all notes, handouts, and maps in your binder (folder).
    • notecards
    • highlighter -- color of your choosing.  More than one would be nice for those of you who like to highlight different information.

    Class wishlist:

    • tissue paper for runny noses
    • hand sanitizer
    • expo markers
    • extra colored pencils 
    • markers for posters, etc.

    Thank you!

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