• MUN Syllabus

    World History Syllabus

    Google Classroom join codes:

    2019-20 World History (Period 2): sg3vzgh

    2019-20 World History (Period 3): z4bcjmw

    2019-20 Model UN (Period 4): gktxdf6

    2019-20 World History (Period 5): arffv6k

    2019-20 World History (Period 6): ngizrk7

    2019-20 World History (Period 7): ayvv5w4


    All grades will be finalized by Friday morning (5-22-20). I had planned on letting people turn in assignments until that time and was going to let you guys know that tonight. However, I have been inundated with late work submissions, and in order to still meet my grading deadline, I will only be accepting late work until Thursday (5-21-20) night until 7 PM. No exceptions. If it is time stamped at 7:01, it will not be graded and entered as a zero. I do not have enough time to finalize my grades otherwise. If you turn something in late, you need to email me and alert me. Going through the entire Google gradebook to determine what has been turned in late (resubmitted) is far too tedious to be exact, and there would surely be some assignments missed.