• As we are not beginning instruction in person, our class will be using Google Classroom and Zoom to communicate daily. You can access all assignments and instruction, as well as post your completed work on our Google Classroom page. Please join our Google Classroom as soon as possible. 

    Google Classroom How to?

    Go to: classroom.google.com

    Sign in with your school administered gmail account. After you have signed in it will take you to a page with a plus sign in the top right hand corner of your browser.

    Click on the plus sign and select “Join Class”

    It will ask you for a class code.

    Your class codes will be emailed to you in tour school gmail account. 

    Zoom Etiquette Page/Online Classroom Rules:

    At the beginning of every new school year we review classroom rules and expectations so all understand what our classroom culture will be. Our zoom culture will be the same as our daily experience in A133. Kindness, Respect, and Support.

    1) You can use your phone for Zoom (the app is free).

    2) Schedule your zoom sessions in google classroom on the zoom form provided. If you have trouble with this, please email me (bboe@amphi.com). I will post the zoom link and ID # on google classroom.

    3) Do not underestimate the strain on your internet connection if multiple family members are online. Try to properly schedule with your family so you eliminate any connection struggles.

    4) Let all family and loved ones know that you are conferencing with your teacher and students ahead of time to eliminate noise and potential exposure of private conversations amongst your family.

    5) Pick a quiet space to conduct zoom sessions (preferably at a table of some sort).

    6) Have your computer or phone set in a steady place so as not to move constantly.

    7) Mute your microphone to eliminate background noise (unless asking a question).

    8) You will still need school materials handy such as paper, pencil.

    9) Have your questions and concerns written down ahead of time so I can make sure you get your questions answered. Many of your questions can be posted on the zoom form in google classroom that I have provided.

    10) Do not post our zoom sessions on any social media or other online sources. I have not given permission for that.

    11) Eating during zoom sessions is very distracting for others so please schedule yourself accordingly.

    12) As always, appropriate attire and language.


    This is a new adventure for us all. If anything, we are all learning new tools that can only help us in the future. Be patient, kind, and stay healthy.