• Hello Nighthawks.

    Please use the appropriate grade level choice on my main Amphi teacher web page under the Online Instruction link on to see the weekly instructions and assigments.


    Gentle Reminders: 

    Please make certain that you are using your first and last name when you are signing up for online resources.  Please double-check your profiles on these sites to ensure that your name is being used instead of a nickname and/or your school student ID number.

    ALWAYS READ the ALL information and instructions CAREFULLY & COMPLETELY --

    Please note that assignments and tasks are now being graded and will be entered into the digital gradebook accordingly

    Assignments/tasks may be similar to previous ones; so please pay attention to dates in order to properly complete assignments/tasks; so, check out the new assignments/tasks that have been added to your grade-level portion of my teacher webpage so please .

    We all need to be cognizant of the fact that without being in the classroom, many things need to be taken into consideration and flexibility must be part of the plan. I undersand that each family situation is unique, and what assignments/tasks might be too much some students and their families, the assignments/tasks may too little for others. Please complete all of the assignments. Also, please continue to email me as needed. 

    Attend established Zoom teleconferencing sessions, please check the schedule for day and time your class is supposed to "meet."

    Reminder: Make sure you are using the specific Class Join Code provided by Mrs. Slattery to log in to Google Classroom. If you are having issues logging in, please email Mrs. Slattery -- rslattery@amphi.com  -- so I may assist you.