Intro to TV and Video Production

  • Instructor: Luke S. Howell, CTE Teacher

    Office: A105

    Telephone: 520-407-4101


    Office Hours: Conference Period and After School (By Appointment) 

    About Mr. Howell

    Mr. Howell has a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Media Arts from the University of Arizona.  A product of the School of Theatre, Film and Television, he’s worked in Graphic Design, Video Production, and Theater Tech for 20 years.  In addition to experience in film production, video production, photography, and graphic design, he is a resident director and teaching artist at the Arizona Rose Theatre Company, he independently contracts as a video mapping specialist, and is Creative Director of the Arizona Rose Opera Company.

    Course Description

    Film and Television Production is an exploration of the history and science of film/television and an examination of the production process.  Students will get hands-on experience in every phase of film/television making including pre-production, production, post production, and exhibition.  As a class we will examine the many career fields in the industry and each student will get the chance to participate in the filmmaking/television production process. 

    The Creation Hub

    The Creation Hub is a safe space where creativity and new ideas are celebrated.  New and innovative ideas will be cultivated, incubated, and embraced.  Learning will be an exciting endeavor and the occupants of this space will be encouraged to seek knowledge as often as they have it handed to them.  The creatives entering this space will be expected to do so with open minds.  My goal as your guide is to facilitate learning by sharing my knowledge with you, helping you to find answers, guiding you through the class and working in tandem with you to create a safe and respectful space. Much of this class is project oriented and requires students to work independently or in groups.  I expect creativity and collaboration.  Students will be held to strict deadlines and will be expected to develop effective time-management skills over the course of the year.     

    NOTE:  Words, actions, or items that create a hostile working environment (even in gest), Unkindness, disrespect for yourself or your peers, interruption of lessons, and actions that disrupt the work of other creators in the class will not be tolerated. 

    Creator Expectations

    Students will be expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner.  That means…

    1. Treat everyone in class with respect (including yourself).
    2. Allow your peers to learn without disruption.  
    3. Come prepared for class every day.
    4. Take creative chances.
    5. Take your work seriously.
    6. Be kind to the equipment.
    7. Adhere to safety guidelines.
    8. Manage your time and meet your deadlines.
    9. Enjoy yourself in a productive manner.


    Lab and Studio Policies

    1. No Food and Drink (Other than water with a lid) will be allowed in the Lab or the Studio.
    2. All Safety rules will be followed at all times.
    3. All Students are expected to be respectful and courteous in the Lab and Studio.
    4. All Students will work together as a team and have a positive attitude.

    Consequences For Violation of Lab or Studio Policies

    Failure to comply with Lab and Studio Policies or School Policies will result in discipline according to the posted discipline chart.

    Clubs & Contests

    All students are encouraged to become members of SkillsUSA.  Due fees will be announced at the beginning of the year.  SkillsUSA prepares students to be leaders by employing the necessary skills needed in leadership, speaking, and communication.  Various contests are held at city and state levels with the opportunity to go on to state levels.

    Class Materials

    Students are encouraged to purchase a notebook, binder, and headphones with a 3.5mm jack (no bluetooth) for the class.  A High Speed 32gb or Larger(Class 10) SD Card and a Flashdrive with a storage capacity of 16GB or more would be useful, but is not required.

    Students MUST check out equipment before use and adhere to all rules and regulations. It is the student’s responsibility to care for any equipment in his/her possession and he/she will be responsible for any damage or loss that occurs due to his/her negligence.

    Students must use equipment for appropriate educational purposes only and in compliance with Governing Board Policy IJDNB (Use of Technology Resources in Instruction) and it’s corresponding regulation, the Student Code of Conduct, all copyright and trademark laws and regulations.  Violation of any of these rules may result in the loss of permission to use classroom equipment and further disciplinary action.

    Students may not use class equipment to retrieve, send, or display offensive image or messages, insult, threaten, or harass others, post anonymous communication or the District network resources to engage in cyberbullying, illegal, inappropriate, or obscene purposes.

    Accessing or downloading VPNs or other proxy-avoiding extensions with the intent of bypassing District security features and filtering is prohibited

    Assignments and Grading

    The base of many assignment rubrics will be as follows….

    25%  Quality of Execution / Mastery of Project-Specific Skills

    25%  Adherence to Assignment Parameters (Did you follow the directions?)

    25%  Timeliness (Did you meet the deadline?)

    25%  Professional Behavior / Creativity (Professional Skills and Originality)

    Assignments that are graded differently than above will be accompanied by a copy of the specialized rubric.  

    100% - 90% = A, 89% - 80% = B, 79% - 70% = C, 69% - 60% D, Below 60% = F

    Attendance Policy

    In accordance with Arizona state law and Amphitheater Public School District’s Governing Board policy, students cannot miss more than 10% of each class. Students enrolled in year-long courses may only have 17 excused absences, after which all additional absences will be marked as “unexcused.” Students in semester-long courses may only have 9 excused absences, after which, each additional absence will be marked as “unexcused.” Please note, teachers are not required to provide make-up work for any absence that is marked “unexcused.” Regular school attendance is essential for success in school.

    Make-up Work

    Students with excused absences must make up their work after school, during lunch or at conference time.  Normal class time is NOT TO BE USED to retrieve missed work or instruction.  Unexcused absences may not be made up.

    Note:  Film/Television production is a highly collaborative class.  Absences could severely inhibit the ability of other students in the program to complete their work.

    Tardy Policy

    Tardiness to class will result in the loss of class time and critical instruction for the day’s work.  Therefore, students who are tardy will be required to confer with Mr. Howell about the reason he/she was late and try to find solutions to avoid tardiness in the future.  After the third occurrence, Mr. Howell will contact the student’s parents regarding his/her chronic tardiness.  The fourth tardy will result in an office referral.  Bellwork may not be made up for an unexcused tardy.

    Cell Phone Policy

    Students are not permitted to use their phones during class time unless otherwise instructed to do so.  Parents/Guardians wishing to contact their student during class time may call the front office.

    Academic Integrity Policy

    Ironwood Ridge takes academic integrity very seriously. Any assignment that is found to be completed utilizing work other than the student’s own will receive an immediate grade of zero and the offending student will receive a referral.  Additionally, a conference will be held with the student, teacher, and student’s parents.  There are no exceptions to this policy.

    Conference Period

    When “in-person” instruction resumes, students are encouraged to utilize conference period to receive additional assistance understanding assignments or concepts.  Exploration of software and equipment with Mr. Howell’s supervision during this time is encouraged.  Students may not use computers for activities that are not school related.

    Last Item

    My number one goal is to make sure that I provide you with the resources that you need to actively learn.  If you have any questions or concerns always feel free to speak to me.  And remember … the earlier you speak to me, the better.  It’s easier to handle a small concern early than to fix a big problem later!

    Mr. Howell reserves the right to treat each student in a unique manner based on their individual educational needs, and make exceptions or modifications to these guidelines as he sees fit. Mr. Howell also reserves the right to offer Extra Credit.