• I graduated from Arizona State University with a BAE in Physical Education in 2001. I have been teaching since 2002 at Ironwood Ridge High School. I have also been an assistan coach of basketball program at IRHS from 2001-2006 and 2013-Present. I am also currently the head golf coach for the boys program and the was head coach for the boy's tennis program at IRHS from 2007-2013. The classes that I teach include Basketball and Tennis.

    It is my philosophy that students will improve their physical fitness levels in physical education class through participating in lifetime activities. Through these activities students will find what they enjoy and also learn how to take care of their bodies, not only now, but also later on in life.




    Over the next few weeks, as we utilize digital learning tools, students will need to click on the link below to reach my Google classroom site and enter the codes as follows to join the class. Assignments will begin on Monday, March 30.  I have also added the assignment to my wepage under Course Materials.  Please submit all work through google classroom or email them to me directly at rbais@amphi.com.

    Google Classroom Link:


    Tennis Code:e24az52

    Basketball Code: xxujfkj

    Supplemental materials/limited computer access: students that do not have Internet or computer access during the school closure will be given an alternative written assignment when school reconvenes. Please email me if you have any questions.

    Office Hours:  If you need to set up an appointment with me either through zoom or by phone please email me at rbais@amphi.com to set something up. My hours are 9am-3pm Monday-Friday that I am available to set up an appointment.