kyoto Taking students and parents to Japan in 2020!! Email me if you're interested.  akozubal@amphi.com


            fac photo Ms. Kozubal    

     This is my 18th year at Ironwood Ridge and my 24th year of teaching

    high school students! This year I will teach Global Studies and World History. 

    I co-sponsor the IRHS History Club. I lived in Germany for five years and have

    traveled widely in Western Europe,taking students to Europe for the past five years.

         I am excited to share what I learned with students. 


     Many years ago, I graduated Magna Cum Laude from the

    University of Arizona and then returned to earn a Master's Degree in

    Teaching and Teacher Education.I am certified by the state of Arizona to teach

    Social Studies at the secondary level.

    My previous experience includes serving as Social Studies Department Chair,

    National Honor Society Advisor, and four years on the Teacher Advisory Council

    to the Superintendent.