• SCI-FI Selections!

    Our monthly tradition continues with staff selections from our favorite genres!  This month, Mr. Lukasko has created a SCI-FI bookcase for your perusal.  Located next to the New Titles bookcase!


    Located near the front of the library, check them out or reserve them today!

    New Titles!

    Watch this brief tutorial of how to do a simple search in our library!  There are more tutorials to the left in the tab.


    Can't find it in the Library?  Read it in an eBook format!  You have a library available to you online or on your device via Sora!


    CLICK HERE  SORA eBook Digital Library


    Come visit our new community puzzle table during lunch or after school and help us complete this month's puzzle of London!

    Puzzle Table

  • IRHS Library Hours: 
    Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri   7:30am-4:30pm
    Wednesdays                      7:30am-2:10pm

  • Matthew Ricker - Librarian 407-4217
    Rosa Valdez - Library Assistant 407-4214

    Jake Lukasko  - Library Clerk 407-4220

  • Services & Information

    • Students may visit the library before and after school, during conference period, and lunch without a pass. During class time, a written pass from their teacher is required
    • The library is closed after school on early out days. Students may not be on campus at this time
    • The library provides books, internet access (school-related research), textbooks (library use with ID), magazines/newspapers (online), encyclopedias (online and hard copy), and literary criticisms (online and hard copy)
    • A copier is available, $0.10 per copy  

     Check-out Policy

    • Current student ID card must be presented
    • Maximum number of checkouts is 5 books for 3 weeks
    • Late books will be fined $0.10 per book/day with a maximum fine of $1.00/book

     Library Expectations

    • Be respectful and responsible
    • Be considerate of others and resources
    • Be seated and working quietly
    • NO food is allowed; drinks must have a secure lid
    • Use cell phones with respect to others
    • Use iPods, MP3 players, etc, with respect to others (use earbuds)
    • 4-6 people at a table
    • Computers are for school-related use only and are electronically monitored
  • Mission Statement
    The mission of the IRHS Library is to provide print, non-print, and electronic resources that support our school-wide curriculum, meet the educational/ informational needs of our students, and provide for a wide range of abilities, interests, and learning styles.