• Resource Biology

    The focus of this course will be in the areas of biology, Earth science and Ecology. Each semester the students will research a science concept project and present it in class.  Activities will include reading the text, completing worksheets, homework, notes, and hands on science lab experiments.

    First Semester: Cells; Bacteria, Fungi, and Viruses; Genetics

    Second Semester: Animal Systems; Animal Kingdoms; Marine Biology; Earth Science; Plants; Ecology

    RR Biology Syllabus 22-23

    Resource Integrated Science

    Throughout this course we will explore the various aspects of physical and Earth science as well as careers in each field. Students will have the opportunity to explore what they learn through hands-on application.

    First Semester we will be focusing on Physical Science.

    Second Semester we will be focusing on the human body.

    RR Integrated Science Syllabus 22-23