• Agriscience/Animal Systems

    Teacher: Lee Crist
    Email Address: gcrist@amphi.com

    Program Mission

    Empowering every student to use 21st Century Skills to develop Agriscience competencies required to meet tomorrow’s challenges in Animal Science.

    Students will:

    • Attend a post-secondary institution: Veterinarian, animal scientist, animal researcher, agribusiness, commodity sales rep, agricultural educator, extension agent, and animal technologist
    • Enter the Workforce: feed store clerk, livestock inspector, farm ranch hand, animal trainer, and animal groomer.
    • The students will have the opportunity to develop industry standards in animal science using relevant and technology-based education.

    Potential Careers

    Career examples include Livestock Producer, Veterinary’s Assistant/Technician, Agriculture Educator, Livestock or Food Inspector, Veterinary, Animal Scientist or Biologists.

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