• Engineering

    Teacher:  Sara Altemara-Arnold 

    Email Address:  sarnold@amphi.com

    Program Mission

    This program is committed to preparing students for future employment and/or higher education by having them understand, design, produce, use and manage in a technical society.

    Students will experience:

    • Learn how engineering plays a role in the subjects we use every day.
    • Complete a number of hands on projects using the engineering design process, creative problem solving and collaboration with other students .
    • Learn about various types of engineering including biomedical engineering, robotics, automation, and computer aided drafting.
    • Prepare for a wide variety of engineering careers such as mechanical, software, architectural, civil/structural, electrical, chemical, and mining.
    • Learn to design, build, and control complex robots.
    • Learn to create models in Excel and Solidworks.

    Potential Careers

    Career examples include Engineering Technicians or Engineer in fields such as Biomedical, Civil, Computer Software, Electrical, Environmental, Mechanical, and Robotics/Automation.


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