• Biosciences

    Teacher:  Mark Pincus

    Email Address:  mpincus@amphi.com

    Program Website:  IRHS Biosciences

    Program Mission 

    A program that will enable students to gain technical, communication and leadership skills that could lead to employment opportunities in the Biotech industry.

    Students will experience:

    • Learn how biotechnology is used in the medical, agricultural, and food industries while working with scientific instruments that are commonly found in a research laboratory.
    • Research genetic characteristics or expressions.
    • Isolate, analyze, and synthesize proteins, enzymes, DNA, and other molecules.
    • Research the effects of substances, such as drugs, hormones, and food on tissues and biological processes.
    • Explore biotechnology careers, history and applications of recombinant DNA technology.
    • Opportunity to become a member of IRHS SMART Team modeling the structure function relationship of a protein for a local scientist. 

    Potential Careers

    Career examples include Biochemist, Biomedical Engineer, Nuclear Medicine Physicians, Microbiologist, Crime Lab Technician, Bioinformatics Scientist, Zoologist, or Pharmaceutical Salesperson.