• Technical Theater

    Teacher:  Russ Granillo

    Email Address:  rgranillo@amphi.com

    Program Mission:

    To provide practical, hands on training in the major fields of theatrical production: lighting, scenery, sound, properties and costumes.  This will prepare students for entry into a college training program or entry into the job market.

    Students will experience:

    • Design, Build, and Strike (Deconstruct) sets.
    • Safely and efficiently operate a drill, table-saw, and other tools.
    • Design and execute plans for lighting, sound, and sets.
    • Safely and efficiently operate the lighting and sound systems.
    • Design and execute video, brochure, and/or flyer advertisements.
    • Set up and operate microphones.
    • Hands on training in fields of theatrical production of lighting, scenery, sound, properties and costumes.

    Potential Careers:

    DJ (Disc Jockey), VJ (Video Jockey), Special Events Coordinator, Architect/Landscape Architect, Scenic Designer, Movie/Art/Theatre Director, Commercial/Industrial Designer, Fashion Designer, Interior Designer, Prosthetics, Artist, Exhibit Designer, Cosmetic Artist, Electrician, Homeowner, Museum Technician/Conservator, Stage Manager 

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