• Syllabus 2020

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    Ms. Gowen 110B Office Phone: 520-407-4195 Office Hours: 7:30- 8:15 Mon- Friday 3:35 – 4:00 Mon- Friday

    Email: jgowen@amphi.com

    Addendum Distance Learning/Online Learning Contract 1) Students will access and complete assignments online when absent from in-person instruction at school. 2) Attendance will be taken the first ten minutes of class via ZOOM. Students who are not on ZOOM at this time will be marked absent, but should still check for and complete the classroom assignments. 3) Students will check the assignment calendar on their teacher’s webpage or google classroom page daily for instructions and assignments. 4) Students are responsible for keeping track of due dates and adhering to the due dates. No assignments will be accepted after one week (7 days) past due date. The teacher may deduct points for late assignments. 5) Students must turn in assignments digitally through the platform designated by their instructor. Google Classroom and Edgenuity are examples of digital platforms used by the teacher. Never EMAIL an assignment to a teacher without discussing it with the teacher beforehand. 6) Students may be expected to access and complete assignments on other digital platforms such as Zoom, Commonlit.org, Khan Academy, and others to be named. 7) Students should follow school guidelines for dress code and behavior for all ZOOM meeting and classroom behaviors. ZOOM meetings will be recorded. The teacher will be monitoring online activity, but please feel free to email the teacher privately if you see any inappropriate behavior in the virtual classroom. 8) Students having issues with accessing online resources and assignments must contact the teacher immediately by phone or email. It is NOT the teacher’s responsibility to troubleshoot computer problems, however, notifying the teacher may allow opportunity for extended time to complete assignments. 9) Students need to complete assignments by following the school honor code and working with integrity. Students are expected to complete work as independently as possible without accessing any outside resources. 10) Students need to begin online assignments as soon as they are assigned to allow time for comprehension and to manage their online workload. Waiting to start assignments may cause poor quality of work and preventable stress and anxiety related to school. Create a calendar of due dates and stick to it. Welcome to Culinary 1. Arts! I look forward to working with each of you this year. Here are a few guidelines students should follow, and this is a general guideline for this class. WHAT WILL I LEARN IN CULINARY THIS YEAR? Curriculum Topics: Knife Skills, Soups, Pasta, Principles of Baking, Yeast Doughs, Quick Breads, Salads and Dressing, Starches and Grains, Meat Fabrication, Food Presentation, Front of House duties, Taste Development, Menu Planning and Fruit and Vegetable identification. WHAT NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT TO CLASS EVERYDAY? 1. Paper for notes 2. Three ring Binder (small with area to hold papers) 3. Pen or Pencil 4. Thumb Drive (I will clarify in class) 5. Shorts or long pants and closed toed shoes (will be bagged and left in class for the entire year) CLASS GUIDELINES AND EXPECTATIONS Arrive to class on time Be prepared with supplies Show respect for others Ask questions! Utilize resources and time efficiently and properly Listen carefully and follow directions Engage and work hard in class Tardies: There is so much to cover in a school year that it is crucial that the classroom run smoothly without disruptions. There is zero tolerance for the IRHS Administration team will handle any discipline issues regarding being late to class. Electronic Devices – Your time in class will be focused on learning and practicing what you have learned. There is a zero tolerance for cell phones or I-Pods during class time or in the kitchen. Your parents will be notified if I have to ask you to put your electronics away. Amphi district policy states that three warnings are given for having a phone out during class. Consider this the first warning. Bathroom passes: Students are given 5 bathroom passes per semester. If passes are unused by the end of each quarter, they may be turned in for extra credit. Conference Period: Students are expected to attend conference period to receive extra help, make up missed work due to absences, and to re-take tests. Attendance: Every day is important! Your success in this course is directly related to how often you are present. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the work and notes that you missed. There is a “While you were out” folder with handouts for you to check. Homework: Given only when class work in not completed in class for reduced credit. Grading Policy – Please check Tyler (parent portal) for updated grades.). 25% Class Participation based on students work, 30% Labs 20% Test and Quizzes and Research Papers 25% Sanitation: Sanitation of the kitchen is paramount as we are a fully functional catering facility and students will be expected to clean after every lab. Letter grades will be awarded based upon the following scale: 100-90% A 89-80% B 79-70% C 69-60% D 59-50% F Parent/Guardian Signature: Parent/Guardian: _____________________________________________________________________ Please email jgowen@amphi.com if you would like to communicate through email. nbsp;