• Culinary Arts 1

    This course prepares students to serve under the supervision of food service professionals as kitchen support staff . This course will  include instruction in am industial in kitchen setting, working knowledge of small and large equipment,  HACCP, resume writing , personal assessments , food quality control, quantity food preparation and cooking skills.

    This course places emphasis on high academic and workplace expectations. First Semester areas of study include: basic first aid, safety, sanitation, nutrition, tools and equipment and cooking methods. Students entering Culinary Arts need to be aware that for safety reasons there will be no cooking the first quarter. This class includes quizzes and writing assignments on a weekly basis. Culinary Arts also includes acomprehensive Mid-Term and Final Exam. Second semester focuses on Cooking methods ,Egg cookery, Baking, Stocks and Sauces. 

    This class may not be repeated for credit.

    Culinary Arts 2

    In this course student will expand on the knowledge they obtained in Culinary Arts 1.The student will be exploring career readiness through career pathways.

    Resume Building

    Self Assessment

    Collage Exploration

    FOH Duties 

    Sauce Making 



    Bread Making

    Pasta Making