• Class Syllabus for Information Technology

    Computer Applications and CyberSecurity

    Web Development I/II

    Software Development and Design I/II


    Attendance and Make-Up Work Policy
    Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes are required by the Arizona Department of Education to deliver the majority of the content in a hands-on lab or project-based environment.  Therefore, regular and prompt attendance is expected - it is crucial for success in any CTE program at Ironwood Ridge.  Arizona revised statute §15-803 allows that students may miss no more than 10% of instructional time in order to earn credit in a course.  In one semester, this amounts to 9 days of absences - either excused or unexcused.  Absences for official, pre-arranged school events do not count toward this total.

    After the ninth absence, make-up work for missed assignments or CTE projects will not be accepted.   Prior to that, class assignments will be accepted when an absence is excused for legitimate reasons* within 24 hours.  Long-term CTE projects are due as scheduled, even if an absence is excused.  It is a student’s responsibility to consult the instructor, the calendar, or other students for information about what is missed during absences.

    * The state of Arizona considers a legitimate excuse to be one that is due to medical, religious or emergency situations beyond one’s control.  Absences for 18 year-old students who sign themselves out will be considered unexcused unless documentation of one of these situations is provided.