• Nursing Services


  • Future Careers

    • Nurse
    • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
    • Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA)
    • Patient Care Technician
    • Patient Care Assistant
    • Caregiver 


    Year 1: Healthcare Foundations A/B*
    Year 2:
    Semester I
    Nursing Services I*
    Nursing Services I Clinical Lab*
    Nursing Services I Skills Lab*
    Semester 2
    Nursing Services II*
    Nursing Services II Clinical Lab*
    Nursing Services II Skills Lab*
    Year 3: Nursing Services Internship
    *Dual Enrollment PCC


    This pathway is a minimum of 2 years.




  • Summary                  

    Students will be prepared for immediate employment in entry-level positions in nursing and to continue to study at a 2-year or 4-year college or university.

    • Prepare students to perform routine nursing-related services for patients in hospitals or long-term care facilities under the training and supervision of a Licensed Practical or Registered Nurse.
    • Examine the healthcare community and roles and responsibilities of the healthcare team.
    • Demonstrate ethical and legal conduct, while applying standard precautions and infection control measures.
    • Apply principles of body mechanics, transporting, transferring, and basic emergency care.
    • Learn examination of human systems for common conditions, disorders, and care, measure and record vital signs while facilitating activities related to examination, and diagnostic testing.
    • Learn to identify behavioral health and social services needs and assist in care for the dying and their families.

    Industry Certifications

    • Certified Nursing Assistant
    • Licensed Nursing Assistant
    • OSHA 10 Healthcare
    • ServSafe® Food Management Certification
    • ACF NOCTI Level 2

  • Post Secondary Options

Direct Employment Certificate 2 Year Degree 4 Year Degree
Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) Practical Nursing Biomedical Engineering
First Aid/CPR Radiologic Technology Environmental Health
Emergency Medical Technician Medical Sonography Nursing
Pharmacy Technician Medical Coding Pharmacy
Medical Coding/Certified Coding Associate Medical Office Administration Occupational Therapy
Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) Medical Transcription Medical Doctor
Emergency Medical Services Information Emergency Medical Technology Pharmaceutical Science
Operator/Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) Clinical Laboratory Science
Licensed Vocational Nurse Exercise Physiology
Phlebotomy Technician Healthcare Administration
Physical Therapy
Medical Technology