• IB

    International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme at Canyon del Oro

    The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is a college preparatory program with a comprehensive and rigorous liberal arts curriculum, leading to examinations and/or component works externally assessed by IB at the end of each course. It is designed for the university-bound, academically-focused student, willing to engage in a challenging holistic curriculum during their last two years of high school.

    Students choose from six subject groups. IB Diploma Programme courses are taken in grades 11-12. Students can choose between the full IB Diploma or IB Certificate Pathway. Note, prerequisites apply which are listed with each course description.

    Full IB Diploma: In this option, students earn the full IB Diploma upon successful completion of their scheduled IB courses and associated core components. The core requirements are considered a cornerstone connecting all 6 subjects and are thus required to earn the full IB Diploma. The core includes:

    1. Completing an interdisciplinary course called Theory of Knowledge
    2. Completing an extended essay reflecting independent research
    3. Completing a CAS portfolio (extracurricular activities that can be categorized as creativity, activity, and/or service).

    IB Certificate Pathway: In this option, students take one to three IB courses if they choose not to take the full IB Diploma. The IB issues certificates and transcripts for courses students register for and take examinations in. Both options are additional recognition in addition to earning a CDO Diploma.

    All IB classes are at the honors level at CDO. Students may be granted advanced placement status and/or college credit on the basis of IB course completion and how well they perform in each class. Information regarding the IB Diploma Programme is available from the IB Coordinator’s office at Canyon del Oro. Contact: Amy Bomke, (520) 696-5592, abomke@amphi.com, or visit our school website.