• Cambridge Academy   

    Cambridge Academy at Amphitheater High School 

    The Cambridge Academy helps students make the most of high school and allows them to customize their experience to support their goals and interests. Amphitheater High is the only school in Tucson to offer the program, which prepares students for opportunities to take advanced classes, earn college credit, graduate early and explore career and technical education. Students who complete The Cambridge Academy program, which is based on curriculum and assessments from the University of Cambridge, and pass the assessments earn a prestigious Grand Canyon High School Diploma.

    The Grand Canyon Diploma is a high school diploma available to any Arizona student who demonstrates readiness for college-level mathematics, science, history, English, and fine art courses. Students qualify by passing a series of board examinations (Cambridge International exams) to show college readiness. Students can qualify for a Grand Canyon Diploma as early as the end of their 10th grade year. Students who earn a Grand Canyon Diploma are entitled to all the rights and privileges of a person who graduates with a traditional high school diploma.

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