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    AVID—Advancement Via Individual Determination—fosters a safe and open culture, high expectations for teachers and students, and collaboration in all classrooms. With the appropriate postsecondary preparation and a focus on soft skills that businesses need, AVID students are ready to shape their path and change our world. 


    Year 1: AVID Elective
    Year 2: AVID Elective
    Year 3: AVID Elective
    Year 4:
    AVID Elective

    *Students must complete an AP, Cambridge, or dual enrollment course in grade 11 or 12


    This pathway is a minimum of 4 years.




  • Summary                  

    AVID is a 4-course pathway that encourages and supports students on their quest to thrive in rigorous high school coursework as they prepare for college. Students focus on organizational skills, study skills, critical thinking, and learning how to ask probing questions. Students have the opportunity to receive academic help from peers and college tutors. AVID students participate in enrichment and motivational activities that help prepare them for college while also helping to improve their self-image as they become academically successful students, leaders in school, and role models for their peers.

    All AVID elective students are required to participate in a school-sponsored sport, a school club, or to complete community service throughout the school year.

    This pathway requires a special application process. Students should speak with a school counselor to learn more about this pathway.